Task Management & Time Tracking

Track your time, manage your tasks, and view reports using this intuitive task management and time tracking system.

Task Management

CognitiveSOUL offers straight foward and simple approach to task management.

  • Create projects and tasks within the project
  • Create users and assign roles to those users
  • Assign Users to Tasks
  • Simple Status Structure: Open, Pending, Closed
  • Add Comments/Notes to Tasks
  • Mark Task as Critical/High Priority

Time Tracking

Looking to track the time spent on a project or task? This may be the simplest way possible - here's how it works.

  • Select a Client, Project, and Task
  • Select a Start Time and End Time
  • Add Notes and/or Comments
  • Done, It's that Simple


Reports include the following:

  • Hours by Project & User Time
  • Hours by Project & Task
  • Hours by Project, User, & Task
  • Open Task Reports

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